Pro Pi Full

The Pro Pi Full is the advanced version of the Pro Pi. Equipped with different interfaces, sensors and connectors it maintains its unique design specifically designed for the industrial environment. The Full version is the version that more than any other can offer the ultimate in connectivity, through its wide range of industrial connectivity solutions.

The thing that makes our Pro Pi Full the best on the market is our connectivity. Our embedded computer can be configured with a 2G cellular modem expandable to LTE and includes GPS functionality to easily monitor resources.

In addition to the functionality provided by cellular data links, the Pro Pi Full comes with built-in, ruggedized RS485 and CAN-BUS interfaces that provide direct support for common industrial communication protocols. It also provides for LoRa, Bluetooth and Zigbee wireless networks as possible internal expansion.

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ProcessoreCortex A53 ARMv8 64bit 1,2GHz
Memorie RAM 1Gb LPDDR2
eMMC Flash Memory 8GB (disponibile fino a 32Gb)
EEPROM Memory 64k
Power supply12 -24 V
Average consumption 3W, maximum 15W
MountingDIN rail
Dimension(H x W x D)110x120x22cm
Peso250 gr
Temperature range-20°C – 70°C
Interfaces and configurations
Ethernet port 10/100 Mbps
GSM 2G 4 bands with integrated antenna and uSIM slot
2 SIM, 1 SIM physical,1 SIM on chip
CAN BUS port
RS-485 port in alternative RS232
2 USB port 2.0
HDMI ver. 1.3a
Possible internal expansion (Wifi, Lora, I/O, ecc…)
Jack Audio output 3,5mm
Auxiliary load output (max 1,5A 24V DC)
3 axis accelerometer
Integrated microphone
CO2 sensor, VOC integrated
Input camera CS
RTC with superCAP, backup battery not needed
Environmental temperature sensor
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