Pro PI Industrial IoT Integrator Board

Pro Pi is the result of improving the Raspberry Pi computer with several hardware features to make it suitable for use in professional and industrial applications where reliability and service continuity are key requirements.

Ensys ha creato il Computer Industriale Modulare Pro Pi basato sul modulo Raspberry PI per soddisfare l’esigenza di un computer industriale affidabile, robusto, conveniente e facile da personalizzare.

Using Raspbian Pi ensures that any software or application running on the Raspberry Pi will also work on the Pro Pi, as the open-source base of the operating system is fully customizable and extremely easy to use.

An established open-source system like Raspberry Pi ensures high reliability and the availability of guidance and help from a worldwide community of fans, makers, students and specialists.


Why using Raspberry?

The advantages of using Raspberry are many:  

  • the price is convenient
  • the open source base of the operating system is fully customizable and very easy to use
  • the available support of a community that is global in scope

Ensys created the PRO PI Computer Module because many customers were interested in a Raspberry-based device that was more stable and robust enough to be implemented in electrical panels and industrial facilities.

Raspberry alone, in fact, can’t be used in an industrial environment because of some physical limitations of the board, for example the board can’t sustain voltage fluctuations, its memory is extremely limited, the use of too many peripherals compromises its functionality, etc…

For this reason, we decided to improve the physical structure of Raspberry to give the possibility to have a safe and stable product that can be used in extreme environments.

What sets our device apart is long-term availability, low power consumption, high reliability, mainstream Linux kernel support, and being able to boast a product that is in line with CE compliance.


Our device can be used in different areas and have different applications:


Industrial sector

Logistics and Transportation

Energy industry

Cloud-based Solutions

Automation industry

Monitoring conditions

Documentation, control and evaluation of different processes and procedures

Communication with existing ERP systems

IoT Applications

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